Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. The Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr visited Phoenix MarketCity (Chennai) today, chilling at some of our stores! #Diesel Did you get a chance to meet him?

You’d read this and automatically start cursing yourself for not being there at the Phoenix MarketCity. But, relax, this is not what it looks like.


If you can distinguish between Bradley Cooper and Hrithik Roshan, I am pretty sure you’d have realised the guy was not Robert Downey Jr.


However, some people fell for it and actually got star struck into clicking selfies with the doppelganger. 


And, Albert Serrato, the American actor from California didn’t really mind the crazy fan following he was getting.

This guy even tagged Rajeev Masand on Twitter telling him that the star is in India.

We looked for Albert on Facebook and looking at his Facebook profile picture, it’s not hard to understand why so many people believed him to be the Iron Man star. 

b’Source: Facebook’

I mean anyone can be fooled looking at these pictures.

b’Source: Facebook’

Thank you, Albert, for spreading happiness in Chennai. We guess the real Iron Man is chilling somewhere.