Every woman on earth can celebrate the magical power to create life all she wants, but there ain’t no getting around that pain in the goddamn butt that the menstrual cycle affords. All the advances in science cannot make the uterus-less humans of the world truly understand just what it feels like to bleed for 5 days every effin’ month. Well, fear not, compassionate fellow humans. These comics might just do the trick.

Behold, o curious one, the truest ever depiction of every woman’s very real menstrual woes.

1. Bloating

Menstrual bloating ain’t no joke, child. Imagine ballooning up like that. And you don’t even get to fly.

2. Sore Boobs

Like every beautiful and magical thing in the world, boobs have their own evils. Soreness of the dimmest, most persistent, shittiest variety. Especially when the blood fairy visits.

3. Mood Swings

Why did he say that? Did she really mean it, or was she saying it to calm me down? Was that really necessary? Wrestle these tough ones while mother nature readies your lady parts for next month.

4. Perpetual Wetness

The feeling of being completely drenched at all times. The floods that break every time we stand up. These are to menstruation what frustration is to ATM lines.

5. Cramps

Forget scary films. Menstrual cramps, in all their brutal glory, are the real stuff of horror.

6. Irritable Bowels

Gas? Loose motions? Just plain ol’ pain that rises and falls like waves? This sea of blood brings its worst to our bowels.

7. Backache

Because why would anything as great and awe-inspiring as the natural cycle of life-making spare something tiny and insignificant like my poor back!

Here’s hoping our humble little scribbles help people out there understand the plight of the bloody ladies in their lives just a little bit better!

Bloody good designs by Aroop Mishra