Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag have been on twitter combat mode for ages now and every single time something comes up, it’s a treat to watch. Last night it happened once again when India Women’s National Cricket Team lost to England in the World Cup Finals. Despite their brave efforts, India fell short of 9 runs but they secured a huge place in the hearts of Indians and this world cup has been one of the major steps in making the whole country aware of the importance needed to be given to Women’s Cricket team.

However, Piers Morgan decided to be his usual self and just couldn’t let go of the opportunity to take a jibe at Virender Sehwag.

Piers Morgan tweeted this as soon as the match ended:

Sehwag sure gave a very mature reply and handled the situation beautifully.

Sehwag gave Piers lessons on positivity and soon the entire nation rose to defend the queens that had won their hearts and Twitter was flooded with supportive tweets. Virat Kohli’s parody account took a dig at the men’s team!

So much positivity even in defeat, the women in blue surely did a hell of a job.

Yeah, even we feel that it’s high time Piers Morgan started talking sense.

We are really proud of our team and know how big an achievement it is for the nation’s girls. Hope Piers Morgan can rise above these petty trolls and say something meaningful for once.