Whoever had one Sharma-ji ka beta to compete with is lucky. I, for one, had multiple Sharma-Ji ka betas, and Gupta-ji ki betis and Mehta-ji ke aulaads to deal with throughout my life. These guys somehow always managed to win at life, long-jumping from topping exams to Ivy Leagues to jobs that paid in gold bricks. And there I was, studying arts (jismein future nahi hai) and working towards a career as a writer (jismein bhi future nahi hai). From living in hostels to settling for peanuts over a real salary, gareebi came naturally to me, and I embraced it happily. 

If that sounded just like your story too, then you’re definitely going to relate to these posters about living la vida loca, without the moolah.

So, let’s raise a (borrowed) toast to life as we know it!

Design credits: Suvojyoti Ray