Queen Elizabeth has completed 70 years as a monarch, and to celebrate that, a special military parade was organised on May 2. 

What was called the platinum jubilee celebration, was attended by the common public as well as all key members of the royal family.

This means that “high-profile” doesn’t even begin to cover it, but if there was one person who completely stole the show, it was 4-year-old Prince Louis.

Let’s just say he wasn’t very impressed with the whole thing. The loud noises, etc. 

But in some moments, he was just being mischievous, to be honest.

Look at Catherine here just laughing away because what are you going to do?!

The guy really couldn’t care less.

Now, Prince Louis may not be aware but this was one of the most diligently covered events of the year. Which means his pictures were everywhere within minutes and people seem to love them.

We’ve got a new star!