When it comes to being insanely high, the three reigning champions are – Snoop Dogg, The DU Cutoffs, and of course, Arnab Goswami. His antics have led to much deliberation over his poison of choice. In fact, this website states that meth induces aggression, delusions, and self-confidence – all symptoms that Mr. Goswami suffers from in mammoth amounts. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

1. Arnab yelling ‘Mujhe Drugs Do‘ at a decimal level higher than the DU cutoffs.

2. Arnab screaming ‘Salman Kahan Hai?‘ louder than a student who just saw the DU cutoff list.

3. Arnab creepily smiling while reporters crowd around him – Republic style – questioning him about manipulating TRPs.

The only students smiling like this are the ones who made the DU cutoffs.

4. Remember the time his car was allegedly attacked by Congress workers, prompting him to call Sonia Gandhi the ‘biggest coward in this country’?

That was a pretty wild ride, and an even greater performance. 

5. Heck, Arnab even took on John Oliver! Where is he getting all this energy? Oh wait…

He actually called John Oliver a ‘fool, an ignoramus of global proportions, and a third-rate TV host’. That led to one of the most entertaining response videos by John Oliver ever. You have to give props to Arnab for the creative insults though – the brain works in mysterious ways when its so high.

6. How about the time he called Arjun Kapoor a ‘small-time actor’, and said he doesn’t know who he is.

7. Arnab waxing eloquent about ‘the suddenness, the sheer suddenness of the move’, in regards to the Chinese app ban.

This guy is definitely on something. Weed tends to calm you down, so it’s got to be something stronger.

8. When he claimed that the locust swarms eating our crops was an attack by Pakistan – that was something!

Damn, this dude is flying!

9. The time he said Sunny Leone while talking about Sunny Deol leading in the polls. That was epic.

10. And of course, this – 

Someone needs to hold an intervention for this man.