Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Bengaluru being a problematic city to live in. Everything in the city is too darn expensive, and the living conditions are terrible. Right? Well, yes. But, isn’t that the case with most metropolitan cities? Well, here are a couple of things that happened in almost all big cities, yet, when they happen in Bengaluru, they come off as a shocking revelation to the world.

Bengaluru, Hyped

Bengaluru is great, but some (read: most) times, it does come off as overrated, and these things will serve as proof!

1. The traffic

Bengaluru’s traffic issues are constantly talked about, but isn’t the traffic insufferable in most prominent cities around the world?

2. The rent

Again, rent is bad in most metropolitan cities, the availability of good places to live on rent in are usually scarce in such cities.

3. Roads flooding

The truth is, infrastructure issues are common in most big cities. I guess it has to do with how many people are either keen on or obligated to live in metro cities, so it makes no difference if they’re poorly maintained. Because hey, people will move there regardless, right?

4. Expensive cab services

To be honest, cab rides are criminally expensive almost all over the world. And especially so in big cities. But Bengaluru’s pricey cab rides have been a topic of great discussion for the past few months.

5. Maximum elitism

It’s common to see tweets about Bengaluru landlords being selective AF about the kind of tenants they want, or what kinds of crowds are prominently seen in bars there, but frankly, snobbery knows no bounds. Every city has a set of people who have trouble seeing outside of their bubble and privilege.

6. Landlords of Bengaluru

There is a lot of buzz around Bengaluru landlords. Whether it’s because their standards are too high or because they’re investing in their tenant’s businesses or because they’re owners of cool tech companies. But, what is the big deal really? Because at the end of the day, these are simply examples of incidents where landlords are either ruthless or extremely kind – and I think that exists everywhere.

Bengaluru, Hyped

7. The work culture

Then, there have been headlines about people finishing off their work in the middle of movie theatres and traffic jams. But, if you’ve ever travelled in the Delhi metro, seeing people working on their laptops is a normal sight.

8. The tech-savvy behavior

Bengaluru folks frequently tweet about their food delivery agents using other delivery apps to make their work easier. But, quick question, what else do you expect from the IT capital of the country?

9. Vendors using UPI

It’s 2023, vendors are accepting UPI payments in many cities at the moment. No biggie at all!

Bengaluru, Hyped

Basically, at this point, smaller cities or towns are starting to look like better prospects for living in.