Honestly, I thought it would be a disaster and I’m sure a lot of you felt the same as well. But to our pleasant surprise, the Odd-Even rule turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to saadi Dilli! Guess what? Round two is just around the corner and I can’t express how happy I am that it’s coming back. Here’s why I can’t wait for this awesome formula to work its charm again!

1. I will no longer be called Mr. Late Lateef for my Friday night parties, provided I manage to leave on time!

2. Because my pseudo best-bud will be my personal chauffeur on even days.

3. Less traffic means more mileage and more mileage means more money! And who the hell doesn’t want more money?

4. Come this April, I hope that when I pull down my windows, I’m welcomed by a pleasant breeze and not by pollution and smoke.

5. With lesser idiots on the road, I’m pretty confident that I won’t be cursing that often. 

6. Thankfully, the friendly cabbies didn’t over-charge last time around and here’s hoping that remains unchanged.

7. You can judge me all you want but I’m really looking forward to travelling in the Delhi Metro and eavesdropping on scandalous conversations.

8. Just like January, I hope that Delhi drivers including buses would actually drive in lanes and follow our traffic rules! Wouldn’t that be a sight?

9. Long drives would mean reaching a destination and not the next bumper to bumper traffic zone!

10. The reduced thumping of the clutch and the brake will surely delay the knee replacement surgery that I might need in the near future!

Let’s face it, for a moment, the Odd-Even rule did cause our lives to take a turn. Kudos to Maruti Suzuki Ertiga that helped us even our odds by giving everyone free LUV rides!