If you have ever been to a gym, you know the undue pressure trainers can put on you. Sometimes its random hacks and overselling the benefits of proteins and my god, a lot of them just have a vendetta against cardio. It’s like a locker room but worse. No matter where you are in the country, 8/10 gyms you go to, you will hear some weird ‘broscience’ about bodybuilding. Mind you, most of them are nonsensical in nature. 

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Case in point, this Reddit thread, where people share some of the more ridiculous things they have head. 

Guy (forgot his name) was a national level bodybuilder he has many YouTube videos and is one of the shortest bodybuilder I have ever seen, I didn’t even know what he was doing at our gym. So he came over to where I was working out and started talking about bodybuilding and stuff, suddenly out of nowhere he says “working out is like sex, you have to feel it” and some shit, so I jokingly asked him if he has ever had sex, he says “no” and without missing a beat continues how exercise is like sex. Turns out he had given this gyan to all the guys at the gym, including to a couple of college going kids who were ruthless, every day the kids would come into the gym and ask him “having nice sex sir?” and laugh like idiots… Shortly after the guy stopped coming to the gym.Masturbation causes muscle loss.


Two cigs a day can get you sharp jaw lines.


Guy told me you lose your hair with regular gym and told me some weird science behind it that I dont remember. After that 90% of the bodybuilder photos I see are of bald guys. Strange.  


Listen, if you are new to the gym, listen to your trainer when they talk about form while lifting weights. Other than that, you know your body the best. Your physical history, your injuries, your abilities, you are the best judge of it. Just keep in mind to control your diet, do good cardio and avoid ego lifting. Working out shouldn’t just be goal-oriented, it should be a sustainable process that you can do over a period of time or it becomes counterproductive. 

And don’t worry about abs and looking like guys you see in superhero movies. That kind of physcial shape takes years to build needs specialised diet and even with all that, your genes matter a lot more than you think. So chill out and just have fun and push yourself just that little bit more everytime you can.