If You Score More Than 10 On This IQ Test, You Can Officially Call Yourself Smart

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Are you a genius on energy-saving mode, or just plain lazy? Whatever be the case, this simple quiz is the perfect way to test your IQ:

1. Melt is to liquid what freeze is to:

2. Amar, Akbar, Anthony are three brothers. If the following statements are true, who is the oldest?

Amar is not the oldest.
Akbar is not the youngest. 
Anthony is older than Akbar. 

3. Which is the next number in the sequence: 6,13, 20, _

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4. Which of the following is a true statement? 

5. Fill in the blank in this series: AD, EH, __, MP

6. What do the word Radar, the number nine thousand and nine, the date February 02, 2020, and the year 2002 have in common?

7. Pick the odd one out:

8. Fill in the blanks: Earth is the ___ planet from the __ in our solar system.  

9. Complete the series: 61, 72, _, 94

10. What do Paris, Oslo, Tokyo, Nairobi have in common?

11. Which of the following makes a word?

12. How many zeros are there in one lakh?

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13. Pick the odd one out: 

14. If CAB is 814 and FACE is 201816, then ACE is: 

15. What does IQ stand for?

Now take this quiz again and share 'that' result! 


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