Before he became Bollywood’s baadshah of romance, Shah Rukh Khan was having a dream run at the box-office playing the bad guy in films like Darr and Baazigar.


On the other hand, Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in The Dark Knight remains one of the most villainous renditions in cinematic history.


That got me wondering what King Khan’s portrayal of the super villain would’ve been like. More importantly, what would The Dark Knight have looked like if SRK were involved?

Yeah, I’m jobless like that.

So here’s our analysis. Check it out.

1. Joker would’ve been a psychopath because Bruce Wayne’s father had once double crossed Joker’s father and taken over his business.

What’s a psychopath without a tragic backstory? 

Hence, while SRK’s Joker would’ve been a perfectly normal kid initially, he’d have ultimately gone berserk because Bruce Wayne’s father had duped Joker’s father and taken over all his wealth.

Also, Wayne Sr. had even tried to flirt with Joker’s mom after taking over their house and factories. 

Which is kind of a dick move.

Which is also why Joker is now hell bent on destroying Batman and Gotham city.

Seems legit.

2. The only reason he’d hate Harvey Dent is because he’s madly in love with Rachel Dawes.

And thinks that she loves him back too.

When he wasn’t fighting Batman or trying to corrupt Dent, he’d have been busy proclaiming his love for Dawes.

3. Of course Rachel would’ve said no. After which, he’d have thrown her off the roof.

Remember that scene where Heath Ledger’s Joker throws Rachel off Bruce Wayne’s tower?


Well, SRK’s Joker would’ve done the same.

Only way sooner.

Like in the 2nd or 3rd scene.

Because if you’ve done it once…


Then why not do it again?

4. “Wanna know how I got these scars?” would’ve been replaced with “Wanna know how I got these dimples?”.

Because if you have it, flaunt it.

5. SRK’s Joker would’ve been way more witty and romantic.

Just because they’re bad guys, doesn’t mean unke paas dil nahin hai.

Irrespective of whether SRK is playing Don or the bootlegger Raees, he takes out time for some romance.

And his version of  Joker would’ve been no different.

Heath Ledger as Joker was impeccable. But if Christopher Nolan ever thinks of rebooting the Batman franchise, he should definitely contact SRK before contacting Jared Leto.