That’s a trick headline. I know every one did. I asked 5 of my colleagues if they ever got a katora cut and they all said ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah’.

You see, it’s one of those things. It makes you say ‘yeah’ 4 times. At least.

Maybe it’s the memories. Maybe it’s trauma. We may never know.


What was the point of katora cut? I want to understand. 

I want to make everyone’s parents sit down and ask them why they were so obsessed with it. Kya maza milta tha aisa kar ke?

Most kids looked lame with that haircut and the pictures turned out to be lamer. Gobhi jaise lagte the sab.

Ye ma baap humein trick kar gaye.

Or maybe it was the barbers. Has an entire generation of desi kids been tricked by the barbers who thought katora cut rocks? 

Did they do it as a revenge for things we were unaware of? 

Was it their cheap thrill?

Who knows!

Having said all of that, katora cut did one nice thing. It made us stronger.


I am straight up like 5 saal takk mere sar pe katora tha yaar, ab kisi cheez se darr nahin lagta.

I have gone to school looking like baby Yoda. And no offence to baby Yoda but, like, school kids should not look like him ideally I think.

TV Line

I have attended parties in six-pocket-bell-bottoms and a T-shirt with a katora cut to literally top it all. I am invicible now.

And the fact that people had a crush on me at that point, only makes my expectations higher. I keep telling my boyfriend, what are you even complaining about dude? 

One more argument and I’ll go and marry my classmate from school who loved me then and loves me now.

Times of India

So in the end, I’ll just say katora cut did damage us a bit, but it also turned us into better people. Gotta start being thankful about that.