Sobriety is a state of mind and body, which we know better for ourselves if not for others. 

But apparently, this sober guy got confused when he was caught for drinking and driving in 2014. 

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Now 5 years later, he has finally found out that it was his stomach at fault and he was actually not drunk, reports India Today

The reason? A syndrome, which went undetected for all these years. 

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Called the Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS), the man’s rare condition caused an access of a specific fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae inside his body. 

The same fungus, also called beer’s yeast, is also used by beer makers to convert carbohydrates into alcohol. 

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After years of confusion, the man started seeing a specialist at Richmond University Medical Center in New York City and found out what the problem really was. 

Apparently, the syndrome caused the breath-analyzer to show that the man has consumed 5 times over the limit of alcohol back in 2014 when he was caught. 


The condition started when the man started taking antibiotics for a thumb injury back in 2011. Since then, whatever amount of carbohydrates he consumes, gets converted into beer in his belly. 

But thanks to his new found treatment, the condition has improved since the last two years. 


Incredibly, the condition is so rare that only 5 people have been diagnosed with it in the last 30 years.