Ah yes, the Statue of Unity – an ode to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India. Completed in 2018, it was also an ode to the completely unjustified and pointless spending of massive amounts of money – Rs 2989 crore to be exact. Especially when you think of India’s current situation, where we desperately need funds to fight coronavirus, that kind of expenditure sounds terrible.

To that end, someone put up the Statue of Unity for sale on OLX, for Rs 30,000 crore no less! A redditor posted the screenshot, as the original listing has been taken down.

The description read – ‘Emergency! Selling Satue of Unity because of urgent money required for the hospitals and healthcare equipments’.


The entire thing was obviously done as a joke, but it does work as a reminder that while things like the PM Cares fund takes our money for emergencies, the government itself spends on things like statues.

Michael Graves

People had a few choice things to say about the sale.

Unfortunately, no one can actually sell the statue, so our money problems continue.