Are you one of those people for whom Monday Morning Blues last till the end of the week? Do you often find yourself faking strange illnesses only to get an extra day off work? And do work emails bring tears to your eyes every time you see them? Then you, my dear friend, are stuck in the wrong job and here are 20 signs that will convince you to believe me.

1. For the longest time, you thought Excel started with a X.

2. The only reason you look forward to a team meeting is because that means no work for a few hours.

3. Your favorite number on the clock is 5.

4.Your favorite day of the week is Friday.

5. In the new year, on the first day of work, the first thing you do is to check for company holidays in the following year.

6. National Holidays on weekends top your list of things you hate the most.

7. The only thing you consider better than free food is paid vacation days.

8. The only time you look forward to an email from your company is when they send a confirmation email about your salary being credited.

9. You switch off your company phone the minute you leave the office building.

10. You refuse to sync your company email account on your personal mobile phone.

11. You fake urgent travel plans to get out of work for a few days. This is often followed by “Since I will be traveling to a remote place, I may not be reachable.”

12. While working from home, you often catch yourself telling your boss that the Internet at home is ‘down’ or not working and so the work will have to wait.

13. You pray for a surprise fire drill almost everyday.

14. During a surprise fire drill you are the first one to ‘leave everything and evacuate’.

15. Job search engines like are the only pages bookmarked in your browser. While visiting these job sites at work, you act like you are going through a document on National Security.

16. Your brain goes into ‘Over-Head-Transmission’ mode the moment a co-worker starts discussing ‘work’ with you.

17. Co-workers never come to you for career advise because they do not understand you and your ways.

18. When at work, you often day-dream about yourself being in a different job.

19. People look at you differently. Nobody really gets you in office.

20. You can swear that you once saw your number saved as “weird office guy” in a co-worker’s phone.

If any of this seems familiar to you then it is time to change your job. To find the perfect job for yourself, log onto and start finding better. If you still need a reason to convince yourself, watch this video below.

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