It’s that time of the year again and the dreaded exams are finally here! Last-minute studies, getting notes photocopied, rattofying them, making chits and scribbling answers on the table minutes before the exam begins, there is so much to do, and so little time! Every student has a different way to deal with exams. Some believe in group study, while some are happy studying last minute. Here are 12 things that you will find Indian students saying during the examination season:

1. “Kitna ho gaya yaar?”

2. “Parchi bana lio be!”

3. “Bhai photostat waale ke paas chale?”

4. “Saale! Bas kar. Top karega kya?”

5. “Bas paas karwa dena bhagwaan!”

6. ” Tu ne khatam kar liya ?! I toh haven’t even started yet!”

7. “Bahut chapters bacha hai yaar ab bhi.”

8. “Yaar notes dede bhai.”

9. “Bas ek ghante ka break lekar parhenge.”

10. “Paas karwa dio bhai. Tera hi sahara hai.”

11. “Chal group study karte hai.”

12. “Yaar ye topic samjha de.”

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All the best for your exams, guys! Don’t be too hard on yourself.