Sometimes, even the latest tracking devices are of no use when it comes to locating criminals who have mastered the art of hiding. But then again, even the slightest mistake can land you in jail. 

And, that’s exactly what happened to a suspect near Nottinghamshire, in the UK.

Apparently, a suspect, who was on the run, was caught by the police all because of his loud fart. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. 

If reports are to be believed, the suspect tried hiding himself in the bushes but the cops managed to ‘sniff him out’. 

The West Bassetlaw Police shared the story of his arrest on its Facebook page. The post also had a quote from investigating officer, PC Fenton where he mentions that the loud fart led him to the suspect. 

The identity of the man is yet to be disclosed but, he has been arrested. Reportedly, he was absconding since 7th May and was wanted in two cases. 

This funny incident had netizens ROFL because lets face it, this is funny. 

Must say, quite an epic (or rather smelly) way to get caught by the police.