In association with Nestaway

We’ve all been there at some point or the other: after weeks of ransacking everything from posh apartments to dingy alleyways, you and your friend find the perfect crib. Oh, rooms with balconies, spacious kitchen, separate bathrooms, and well within your price range. You no longer feel like passing up on that swanky but expensive apartment was a mistake because you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. Then, you tell the landlord that you and your friend will be moving in soon and watch the smile slip from his face. Oh, well, at least you tried. 

The guys in the video below, by Nestaway, were facing a similar dilemma until they found a creative way to worm their way out of it. Well, you may not go to such lengths, but you can relate to their pain. That’s why Nestaway is a blessing in disguise for all us folks who are single and not ready to mingle. Not only does their website have thousands of #HomesThatDontDiscriminate but it also caters specifically to bachelors. You hear that? There is hope after all!