You go to sleep at night thinking you are finally free. There will no more hassle when you wake up in the morning, no more arguments with yourself. You can look forward to a good day in a long while. Flash forward to the morning: you wash your face, look up, and there it is: Mr. Fat Pimple. You know how sometimes when you’re so tired of a relationship that you tell yourself that the next time will be the last time you see your partner, but it never comes? Well, these illustrations will tell you exactly how your relationship with your pimple is exactly. Like. That.

1. When they’re so overtly attached that there’s no avoiding them.

2. …And they want to go everywhere with you. EVERY-freakin’-WHERE!

3. …And they do things like this that make considering arson totally okay.  

4. Pretty soon, you’re frantically trying to hide your shame from the world.  

5. Also, did we mention that asking for “a little space” is akin to cheating?

6. …And because you’re a nice person, you look for ways to break up but without hurting their feelings. 

7. And even if for a brief instant, you manage to send them away for good, this happens… 

8…And if you thought that the split will be amicable and clean, you didn’t account for the scars. 

If this had been a partner, what would you have done? Well, apart from procrastinating for as long as possible, you would have put your foot down and set matters straight. Don’t do anything different here, dear. Try the new Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash to keep your skin clean, fresh and pimple-free. Take our unsolicited but important advice, dearies: #BreakUp with your pimple.

Illustrations: Aroop Mishra