This generation is the love child of the Bollywood movies that preach ideas that are as real as pigs flying. For instance, a female lead enters into an emotionally screwed-up guy’s life and fundamentally transforms his life. All lies. So don’t even embark on this herculean journey.  

Instead, try doing the following daunting tasks that, if accomplished, can at least add some value to your life. So, we have demystified the things that are easier to do than fixing a guy.

1. Opening a jar bottle with oily palms 

Congratulations, now you know that the jar bottle you handed to someone else because your ‘palms were greasy’ is actually simpler to open than getting your emotionally unavailable boyfriend to open up his feelings in front of you. It will initially glide and slide, but you’ll triumph once you get the grip on it, something you’ll never get on ‘him’.


2. Untangling wired earphones 

Interestingly, your wired earphones and messed-up partner share startling commonalities. You put serious efforts to untangle them and have a fantastic time, later the moment you leave them on their own, they revert to square one. 

Pro tip: Own AirPods, don’t let those strings attach and entangle.


3. Successfully finding a rickshaw during Mumbai monsoons

You’re drenched in rain and dodging puddles at 10 in the night to grab an auto that’s committed to dropping you home safely. It sounds daunting but not as much as getting your guy to successfully commit to a relationship. 

Pro tip: Chase rickshaws not guys.  

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4. Consistently adhering to your planned schedule

You finally make up your mind and prepare a schedule to get your life back on track. However, you’ll gradually become inconsistent in sticking to your routine and, eventually, disappear from your room when it’s time to go to bed—just like your partner disappearing for weeks and then popping back up and pretending as if nothing was wrong. 


5. Liking an early morning Physics class

Sure, Physics can be confusing but not as perplexing as getting mixed signals from your partner. Honestly, the latter’s law of relationship is more mentally frying than the laws of Physics.

In short, HE= mc


6. Your nosy neighbour minding her own business 

The neighbour who feeds on gossip might prioritise her own business for once but, the guy you’re obsessed over will never prioritise you.

7. Your landlord not increasing the rent every year

Your landlord, who is the human avatar of the term annoyance, might understand that half of your salary goes to paying rent, so he doesn’t make it worse. He might not raise your blood pressure because there’s someone else whom you allow to do the deed.


8. Bollywood making period dramas that are historically accurate 

Can filmmakers in Bollywood not distort history in period dramas? Yes. Can your partner show more interest in your life history? Nope. 


9. Turning the gas off before the milk boils over 

You might manage to reach your kitchen to turn off the gas on time, unlike your partner running late for a date he himself planned.


10. Uber arriving exactly at your location without throwing tantrums 

Remember, you might go out of your way to find your Uber Driver but not the guy who gives you mixed signals.

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11. Perfecting the art of making gol rotis in the first attempt 

You get it right if you choose to listen to your mom. BTW, she also warned you about ‘him’. 


12. Convincing your mother Murthal makes better parathas

Convincing your mom that someone else can make better food than her? Possible. Convincing him to have ‘the’ talk? Impossible. 


This was all in jest, but seriously don’t try to be a Tara ‘cos you aren’t ready for the Tamasha.