We all know being single is fantastic! Being single is amazing. Being single is awesome. Being single is.. tiring. Especially, when you’re the only single one around.

Regardless of how you feel about your single status, the following phrases are guaranteed to irritate you:

1. “Are you dating someone?”

2. “Are you kidding me? Jhooth mat bol.

3. “You will find the perfect partner when you stop looking for one.”

4. “It will happen when you least expect it.”

5. “There are lots of fishes in the sea! You’ll catch one!”

6. “Sorry ya ar, wahaan toh bas couple entry hai.

7. “I will fix you up with this friend of mine, perfect hai tere liye !”

8. “Tinder try karrle! Kaafi badhiya hai .”

9. “I will make an account for you on some online dating site. Tu bhi kya yaad rakhega!

10. ” Terko dekh ke toh ‘Forever Alone’ meme yaad aa jaata hai .”

11. “You’ll have to stop being so picky.”

12. “Are you straight?”

13. “Are you gay?”

14. ” Arrey paagal , Salman Khan banna hai kya ?”

15. “Are you commitment phobic?”

16. “It’s better being single anyway. My girlfriend/boyfriend eats all my me-time.”

17. “You’ll miss being single when you find someone, TRUST ME!”

18. ” Haan, koi naa. You should focus on your career anyway!”

19. “Don’t worry! You’ll find someone soon.”

20. “Who needs to date anyway?”

21. ” Tum se na ho payega.

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