When the coronavirus pandemic first started in China, we did not think it will become something so big. 2 months on, we are all experiencing possibly the toughest challenge of our lives.

Indians, however, seem pretty chill about it. Some say cow urine will kill corona, some say sunlight will - which are things that...I can't believe I am saying this...don't work. Here's a list just in case.

1. Singing bhajans.

I know you wanna jam with your friends, but gathering and in a room and singing bhajans, asking corona to stay away is ineffective and counterproductive.

2. *Copy paste first point*.

3. Drinking cow urine.

Don't know where to begin with this one, but telling you that coronavirus is reportedly animal-borne might be a good start.

4. Bathing in cow dung.

If it helps you with isolation, which it will, sure go ahead.

5. Sitting in the sun.

The chances of sun killing the virus are as strong as you beginning to photosynthesise when exposed to it.

6. Clapping.

I know you want to believe this badly, but the vibrations from clapping will only probably scare the animals. 

7. House parties.

You can't go to your friend's house and call it distancing, saying it was just the two of you. No.

8. Denial.

Mujhe toh kuch nahin hoga. 

A. Tumhein ho sakta hai.

B. Tumse dusre ko ho sakta hai. 

how not to fight corona
Source: Business Insider

9. Gathering to fight coronavirus.

What kind of an idiot are you? Not gathering is the only requirement.

10. Drinking turmeric milk.

It's a good thing and you can have it to make your family happy, but if it cured coronavirus, turmeric sales would have drastically increased across the world. 

11. Trying to heal people through TV.

Don't try to replicate Nirmal baba, okay?

12. Coronavirus 'parties'.

Because they are 'blowing it out of proportion man!'

Have you seen figures in Italy? 

Prevention is better than cure - and there is no cure for corona. So please be mindful about the prveentions and save yourself please.