We often tell you a lot of facts and lesser known trivia that we claim will blow your mind metaphorically. We aim to bring you facts that will sweep you off your feet but you’ve always told us in the comment section how you are Mr smarty-pants who knew all our information before we mentioned it. Here are a few items that will literally blow your mind. We hope you have a paper towels handy because you brains are about to explode out of your skull.

1. Shotgun

One shot. Kaam khatam!


2. Dynamite

Boom Shakalaka.


3. Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane

Life is tough, wear a helmet!


4. A Big Rock

This is the wrong type of stoning.


5. Aneurysm

This localized swelling of the wall of an artery can literally make your head go BOOM!

Atlanta BlackStar

6. Poking a grizzly bear

The Bear is going to blow your mind for sure. Leo got an Oscar but you’ll get a funeral.


7. Diving headfirst from a building

Please don’t take ‘getting plastered’ in the wrong way.


8. Going out into space without a helmet

In space, nobody can hear you scream.

Discovery Kids

9. Exploding Head Syndrome



10. Being stepped on by an elephant

Don’t wrestle with an elephant.


11. Head massage by The Hulk

That is definitely not a good idea.

Lego Humor

12. Eating a grenade

It isn’t the Kashmiri seb Definite was referring to.

Periscope Depth

13. Being hit by a canon ball

Going out with a bang isn’t as cool as it sounds.

Hollywood Reporter

14. When you’re the lead singer of Nirvana

That didn’t work out well for previous guy.


15. Sitting on the backseat of a car being driven by Samuel L. Jackson

That never ends well guys.


No matter who you are or what you do. Please don’t try this at home.