Reddit is one of the most interesting spaces online. Especially when it gives you the kind of gems that we’re about to show you. Here it is, someone posted a photo of a bizarre job requirement you’re going to want to see.


The post is for the position of a research associate. And if you take a look at the image above, you can see that one of the requirements for the position is to have a ‘good family background.’ This is a classic example of what gatekeeping looks like in organisations. 

And of course the post had superb comments on it.

1. There you go! You are qualified. Good family background is all they need.

– kardabk

2. Well, I am from a good family background, although sadly a dysfunctional one..

– iShivamz 

3. looking for an employee or a damaad/bahu?

– bhanuvrat

4. Lol. I’m a lawyer who’s interviewed at a bunch of Tier 1 law firms in this country. The first thing these fancy as fuck firms do is call you (if you’re very, very lucky, have gone to the right law schools, have done the right internships etc) and they speak with you. This is an HR interview, which basically means they want to see if you speak well (speak in whatever they consider being a posh accent) ask you what your parents do, etc. This lady asked me what my brother did lol. This shit is insanely common across the board in this country. Unless you happen to have privilege, you don’t get through these doors. They make sure of it.

– ElitePenisCrusher

5. Still time to change your family.

– charavaka

6. I think it is also because Law as a career is quite inaccessible to the larger part of India. My only friends considering studying law are ones that are well off. If you have a lot of rich kids speaking decent English competing for the same offices, doesn’t it make sense that competitive firms start looking for ones with great English? Disclaimer: I am just a high school kid and have not the slightest idea of Law. Would love to hear your thoughts on this though.

– physicsurfer

7. Please ask them to elaborate on “good family” part if u interview there and let us know too

– hyd_throwaway

Wow. 2021, and we’re still doing all this?