They say that it is never too late for a change and opportunities are everywhere. We just need to find them. 

While I was at my daily browsing routine, I came across this page called 'oddly satisfying jobs'. At the first thought I felt like this could be interesting, and breaking monotony always gives me a kick. So, I clicked on the page and realised that I have been living under a rock all this while. I could not imagine that work could be so much more fun than just dulling desk jobs. 

I mean seriously where were these options when I was graduating?

I could do this all day and sky-rocket the stocks if that's what it takes. I hope Sharma ji ka beta is reading this!

The perks of being single just keeps coming. Wait, I want to know what's the return policy on this though! And hey, all moral police can stay at bay!

Wine is my nickname and just the thought of it is making me happy high!

Log kya kahenge ko maro goli. This is my dream job and I am gonna give it all to get it!

I can move like Jagger and even swirl, twirl and roll like a pro! True story. And to all the aunties so concerned about my career - if you can dance, please join me in my pursuit!

I am getting major Munnabhai feels. What fun to bring cheers to the ailing! This is #nobleprofession goals!

Log toh kehte rahenge, par apna zuban bhi kam kahan?

While I am still pondering over which one of these cool things do I apply to, let me introduce you to Pakhi, from Zee TV's all-new show, Hamari Bahu Silk. She struggles to get a full-time job and eventually ends up being a voice-over artist for sensuous films. And her story is as fascinating as it gets. Do you want to know more about her journey? Well, I have good news for you. You can know all about her if you tune in to Zee TV from June 3, every Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm. 

And, do you know that Mallika Dua is also switching careers after this show. No? Watch the video below: 

Coming back to the show...what do you think will happen to Pakhi? Will her own family accept her for her off-beat career choice? Or will she struggle to garner the respect, love and acceptance amongst her own people? 

Draw your inspiration from Pakhi, who does not give up easily! Watch the teaser here!