Losing weight isn’t easy. And dieting is the most difficult way to do so. What makes dieting more difficult are the unsolicited comments. If you’ve been on a diet, then you know—these are the most frustrating things people say when you’re trying to drop a few kilos:

1. “Aren’t you hungry?”

No. I am a robot. I don’t get hungry.

2. “You don’t even need to be on a diet.”

You don’t even need to open your mouth.

3. “I don’t understand why people starve themselves.”

I don’t understand why you need to understand anything at all.

4. “How can you drink Green Tea, it’s so tasteless?”


5. “Why don’t you work out instead?”

Why don’t you shut up instead?

6. ” Meri toh mummy hi nahi karr ne dengi merko diet . Teri kaise maani ?”

I threatened her.

7. ” Kitne din diet kar paoge?

Shut up.

8. “Oh, poor thing. It must be difficult.”

Not at all! It’s fun to see people eating delicious food when I am having a salad.

9. ” Ghaas-phoos kab takk khalogey?”

Jab takk hai jaan, jab takk hai jaan, jab takk hai jaan.

10. ” Khud ko maar kyun rahe ho?

Jeene mein kya rakha hai?

11. “Size zero banna hai?

Nahi. Vijay Raaz.

12. “Skinny doesn’t look good on any one!”

I think skeletons look pretty chic.

13. “Don’t you miss eating junk food?”

Would you miss your tongue if I cut it?

14. “How are you even alive?”

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I need food, water, air and sleep. JUST.

15. “Oh, you won’t go for lunch with us, right?”

I didn’t know my diet ended my relationship with not just with food, but with my friends as well.

16. “Can you drink?”

Last I checked, my body accepted liquids.

17. “You should try yoga. Healthier, safer.”

You should try shutting up your mouth. Safer, much safer.

18. “You’re going to gain all the weight back. Only double the kilos you lost. FACT!”

You’re going to lose your teeth. FACT!

19. ” Yaar, main toh kabhi naa karr paaun yeh!


20. ” Kuch toh khaaley yaar .”


21. “Dieting sucks.”


Roses are red.Violets are blue.I am on a diet.What’s it to you?