Making decisions is very crucial in our every day lives. From deciding what time to wake up to going out on a date with the right person, there’s so much to figure out, every single day. You can’t leave everything to chance; some things need you to roll up your sleeves and figure the hell out!

But what about those who can never make a decision? Those who’ve got perennially confused minds that wander off at the slightest possibility of making a decision? Just like there are those who make fabulous decision-makers, there are also those who suck at it!   

For such people, life is a major battle, every damn day. From deciding the right outfit for work to figuring out the best route to avoid traffic, the universe conspires to make their life a big, confusing mess.

If you such big time at decision-making, here’s a list of things that’ll totally define your existence.

1. It takes you forever to upload a picture on social media.

Choosing the perfect picture, using the best filter, figuring out the wittiest caption, it is a lot of work, right?


2. The most terrifying moment is when someone asks you to place an order in a restaurant. 

So many food items, such little time!


3. Shopping alone is a nightmare! 

Who’s going to decide the colour that looks best on you? Who’ll choose the fit? OMG!


4. Multiple-choice questions are your biggest nightmare!

Sometimes, options are not a great idea!


5. You can never, ever buy a gift for someone. 

When selecting something for your own self is such a trouble, how are you expected to choose something for another person?  


6. You need at least five hours to decide what to wear for a party.

You have to try everything, confuse the hell out of yourself and finally wear something you’ll end up hating before you arrive at a party after all!


7. You can never choose between heads or tails.

Life is not as simple as flipping a coin!


8. Choosing between coffee and tea in the morning is your idea of a workout. 


9. Getting invited for two parties ensures you’ll not be going for either of them. 


10. Your Saturday nights are all about going out partying vs Netflix and chill. 


11. You want Google maps to show you only one route instead of three!


12. When someone asks you to pick your favourite movie, book or TV show, you always give them an entire list. 


If you have more such points, let us know in the comments section below.