We live in the age of the Internet where anyone and everyone can call themselves a finance influencer and share the most impractical and unrealistic financial advice. Taking a jibe at these finance influencers, a recent tweet shows how you can save lakhs when choosing not to buy underwear. Don’t believe it? Well, this meticulously researched thread does the math for you.

A recent tweet by a user, Eternal Fool, went viral on Twitter. The user tweeted how one can save lakhs if they don’t buy underwear. He showed how basic underwear costs ₹245 and a person needs at least six pairs which means they will end up spending ₹1470. Take a look at the thread here.

He goes on to say that rather than spending ₹1470 if a person invests in a 12% index fund instead, they could easily earn more than ₹40,000. In all honesty, this is a lot considering how expensive everything is! He substantiates his argument by stating that climate change will lead to chafing which, in turn, will make underwear tear faster. Adding “the average underwear inflation” figures, he added that if people invested in funds and SIP, they would have made a crore instead. Eye-opening, gotta admit.

If not underwear, what do you wear? The user suggested newspapers, leaves, or making your own underwear out of used clothes.

The tweet went viral. It has been viewed over 760K times and has received more than 2K likes and many retweets. People played along and shared their own suggestions. Here’s what people had to say about it.

Hands down, this Twitter thread is the best financial advice out there.