Weddings are more than just good food and fancy clothes – they’re also about drama and chaos, so much chaos. But, mostly this drama makes up for gossip or things that we can laugh about later. 

Of course, there are also Indian TV shows which use a week to unravel all possible drama – things like, dulha being switched, kidnappings, or that one pissed mami-ke-bhai-ke-bete-ka-dost. And, almost all sitcoms have wedding plots, that rely on conflict for humour.

So clearly, no matter how hard anyone tries, there’s always something that doesn’t go according to the plan. And, this Twitter thread is all about such weddings, that went terribly.

There were some stories that were outright scary, at least for the people who were involved. And, we sympathise. 

However, there were others that sure sound funny – hoping that people have probably moved on from the experiences. 

Indian TV shows still win the ‘most bizzare weddings’.