All of us have a lot of friends on Facebook and they’re all different. There is the one who is always sending Candy Crush requests, there is the one who is always updating the status, there is the one who is forever online…. The list is endless. Here are 22 types of friends all of us have on FB:

1. The friend who likes every post of yours

They will like everything you post with such sincerity that your partner will grow suspicious!

2. The friend who doesn’t like any post of yours

So what if your latest DP got 156 likes, this one doesn’t give a damn.

3. The friend who tags you in all their updates

Your notifications bustle with their name and your tagged pics overflow with ‘their’ pictures. Thank God for your profile picture which is still yours!

4. The friend who keeps on sending candy crush requests

YESSSS! A notification! @#$#@! Another Candy Crush request!

5. The friend who is always online

Log in at 5 in the morning, he is online. Log in at 2 in the noon, he is there. Log in at 12 in the night, he is still there. Does this guy work for Facebook?

6. The friend who is never online

Admit it, we all have a friend who made a Facebook account just out of peer pressure.

7. The friend who loves to chat

Now dude, if I haven’t taken your calls and ignored your Whatsapp messages, what makes you think I’ll chat on FB?

8. The friend who is online but never interested in chatting.

Don’t you understand? I have something important to discuss! *No response*

9. The friend who updates his status every two hours.

10. The friend who ‘checks-in’ more frequently than you visit the loo.

11. The ‘look-at-me-I-am-so-cool’ friend.

This friend parties in Dubai, drives an Audi and wears a Rolex and makes sure you see all of it.

12. The friend who is ridiculously photogenic.

You never hit a like on their photos (out of jealousy, obviously) but dig every album!

13. The friend who is ‘Selfie-ish’

This category involves 98.65 percent of all the friends on your list.

14. The friend who thinks in hashtags

#hatersgonnahate #This #is #not #my #problem #if #hashtags #piss #you #off

15. The philosopher friend

Have you ever liked a status only because it appeared way beyond your intellect! Yes, that’s the reaction I’m talking about.

16. The friend who is a social commentator.

This friend hates society. In his mind, he belongs to an evolved societal set up and pities poor souls like us who still have to live in the current times.

17. The religious friend.

This friend will post photos of all Gods known and unknown, inform you about correct Navratri dates, post Godly puzzles and can even help you make a kundli. Try asking!

18. The friend who keeps on changing relationship status.

19. The friend who is a news bulletin.

*Gauhar Khan gets slapped**Kohli breaks another record**Rain storm expected in Delhi*

This guy is Google News in human form.

Source: scoopwhoop

20. The friend who tries every new app

You have seen his celebrity avatar, his cartoon portrait and known the cause of his death. He is what FB applications make of him!

Source: koimoi

21. The friend’s friend

This person is not your direct friend. You’ve just met him once or twice through a common friend and added him on Facebook.

Source: bollywood.celebden

22. The friend who keeps on poking

Got a finger, use it. Apparently.

Source: hypixel

Many friends on our list piss us off but we never complain because after all har ek friend zaruri hota hai!