There are hundreds of every day objects invented just to make our lives simpler. We’ve been using them for so long that we almost take it for granted.

So Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani decided to make deliberately inconvenient everyday objects just to prove how uncomfortable life could’ve been.

Here are 20  everyday items that would’ve made your life hell had they turned out differently:

1. This Santa cap will definitely weigh you down.

2. Good luck trying to look classy as you sip wine from this glass.

3. Let’s see you sit on this chair!

4. Or how about this one?

5. Good luck using this brush!

6. Please don’t leave me hanging .

7.  Oreo wouldn’t taste as nice if it came in reverse.

8. What if you had to have soup from this bowl?

9. Good luck pouring boiling water from this vessel.

10. Sprinkling salt and pepper would take longer than an hourglass…

11. Imagine if umbrellas were made of concrete!

12. Slurping with this straw would take an eternity.

13. How in hell are you going to go through this door?

14. Locking up would’ve taken ages.

15. These stairs are going to narrow things down.

16. Imagine if candles burnt through the centre?

17. How about watering the plants now?

18. Everybody’s worst nightmare.

19. What if you had to carry a bunch of these keys in your pocket?

20. Tonight we dine in hell!

For more objects from hell, check out Katerina Kamprani’s Tumblr