If magic lamps were real, people wouldn’t be using them to find love. They would use it to get rid of these annoying things that make your head explode in anger.

The world is full of wonderful things. True. But there are also a bunch of irritating, useless and idiotic things that make you want to wish you could make them disappear #FattackSeFurr. Brace yourself, you’ll find all of them here on this article:

1. Honking for no reason

Do you have Attention Deficit Disorder?

2. Friend-Zone

One zone to rule them all. You just can’t enter the ‘ friendzone ‘ and leave.

3. Protruding bellies

1. It walks in before you do2. It always gets in the way3. Getting rid of it means no more beerNeed more reasons?

4. Self-help books

If I cannot ‘self help’ myself, you definitely cannot ‘self help’ me. Thanks.

5. Listicles

These goddamn irritating things. You just end up reading every single one of them.

6. Selfies

If we don’t do something about it now, the world is in for a selfie-zombie apocalypse.

7. Slow Internet connection

Have you seen Bhoot ? The Ring? Grudge? All that doesn’t happen in real life. What happens is far worse: buffering.

8. The ones who like their own status on Facebook

You can’t blow your own trumpet and like it too.

9. Hatred

This is one evil that destroys every good thing around it.

10. Deceptive salary packages

Apki zindagi ko safal bana dega, dilon mein pyaar ka chakkar chala dega, Raju se gentlemen bana dega … 404 ERROR.

11. Mosquitoes

Probably the only creatures that are killed all the time, and no social activists stand up against the slaughter.

All GIFs have been sourced from Giphy

The world doesn’t work according to you. Because you’re not God.

But thank God, at least one of these problems can be handled now. Good Knight Fast Card kills mosquitoes#FattackSeFurr​.

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