The way Virat Kohli’s former bae Anushka Sharma was unnecessarily dragged into the nationwide assessment of his performance in the T-20 World Cup (which, I think we can all agree, has been absolutely spectacular), was as petty as it gets. For instance:

Finally, Virat responded to all the hate with a powerful Instagram post that people did unabashedly laud:


But trust the internet to take something serious and twist that b into a ridiculous meme. What we saw in the hour or so after Kohli posted his response, was just embarrassingly hilarious.

And just. So. Random.

Because why not.

The Internet with its famous lack of chill.

Especially the tinder-luckless.

Not that the issues raised weren’t serious… I mean, who the hell likes pineapple on pizza? But I digress.

Cheers to you, world wide web. In you we trust. To churn out the most ridiculous hilarity.

Well played, Kohli. But even better played, Internet.

H/T Buzzfeed