Remember those first few lovestruck weeks around your significant other? The random walks in the park & impromptu movie nights would always have you dressed to the nines. So much so that their washroom break would be an excuse for you to whip out your phone and quickly check if everything is still on fleek. Gradually as you get more comfortable around your partner, you become more lax about your appearance, much to their silent chagrin.

Fortunately, Girliyapa’s new song, a parody of a popular Bollywood number, sums up this situation so perfectly that it hurts to admit how painfully relatable it is. Some of us have borne the brunt of a partner whose love-hate relationship with bathing has kept us up for nights at an end. The video features Nidhi Singh of Permanent Roommates, playing the disgruntled girlfriend of a guy with truly questionable hygiene habits. The instances in which she coaxes him to clean up his act are so funny that we’re still trying to catch our breath from laughing this hard. Watch the video now and thank us later!

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