If there’s anything worse than a getting spam call, it is receiving one at a totally inappropriate time. When life finds you in an awkward moment, you can bet that a spam call is waiting around the corner to be the cherry on the cake that no one asked for. Even in a zombie apocalypse, spam calls will survive like cockroaches & still be after your life. (Imagine getting one when you’re trying to hide from an undead horde) As annoyed as we were, we figured we couldn’t be the only ones bearing the brunt of these calls. So we asked some people about their experiences and their answers made us feel better about ourselves. Phew!

Let’s face it, getting a spam call is just as fun as gargling with broken glass. So fun that it makes us want to take a gun to our head than receive another call. If these responses resonate with your inner frustrations, then you will find this kickass rap song from Sulekha.com about spam calls, relatable AF.

Illustrations: Utkarsh Tyagi