As a child, our parents are obsessed with our Board Exams. Once that happens, they are obsessed with us finishing our degrees and getting a placement. Once you are placed in a good organisation, they start obsessing over your marriage. And then when you finally decide to marry, they pop the question, “when are you giving us grandkids“?

Recently, a couple sued their married son. They demanded grandchildren in a year or financial compensation.

Following this, Twitteratis decided to give everyone a reality check.

1. This user summed up how we are not even sure if we would make it past the age of 30.

2. Someone spilled the tea on intergenerational unhealed trauma.

3. Mom and Dad, we don’t always have our way. Do we?

4. I’m not even sure about my job and you want grandkids?

5. Mental health >>>

6. This one told the truth in all spirits.

7. We are much in tune with our shortcomings.

8. Some of us still suck at Excel.

9. I don’t even have a partner. Yet.

10. “Ma, can you please make a doctor’s appointment for me?”

11. Will I get this degree or will I get you a grandkid? Stay tuned to find out.

12. This one gets awkward around women.

13. BRB gonna blast K-Pop in my room.

15. We have our priorities sorted.

16. Waking up feels like an accomplishment on some days.

17. This user knows better than passing on trauma.

18. Of course, the elder daughter has to fulfill all the wishes of her parents? No?

19. The only perks of having a sibling, IMHO.

20. #YOLO

21. The number of people who will agree on this.

22. We are having the last laugh now.

What will you tell your parents when they ask you for grandkids?