The internet is still in splits about the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar’s slap gate. The scene was every Indian award show producer’s wet dream and they’re probably already yelling at some unfortunate interns to orchestrate a similar occurence at their next event. 


While we are counting down seconds to see how Bollywood blatantly rips off the dumbfounding incident, an internet user turned Will Smith’s favourite hobby into a website You can now test how fast you can smack Chirs Rock.

And no I’m not joking. Click here to see for yourself. 

The website comes with a sweet April Fool’s surprise too. As a 1st April exclusive, you can whack Will Smith! Chris Rock has probably been playing the shit out of this game all morning. 

My hands are really tiny so my high score is not that impressive. Show me yours in the comments!

I must say, it’s oddly therapeutic? Good job, you have outdone yourself. 

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