We live in the age of selfies & groupies. Photographs are the way people nowadays converse. Thanks to technology, we can capture even the ‘un-capturable’ moments.

We bring you a collection of some snaps that can leave us dumbfounded.  

Check out these 16 photographs and try decoding them- 

1. Group of Yetis, just chilling  

2. Nothing to see here, just some Big Cats taking a bath

 3. Bird feeder for cleanliness conscious birds

4. What the fox!

5. Why couldn’t you just keep silence in the library Oreo? 

6. Ghost’s hand spotted

7. Oh Fish

8. Perfectly parked Camel 

9. Kaanta Laga?

10. Empty or Full?

11. That’s an ice-cold Slam Dunk! 

12. Can this be charged by a C-type charger?

13. Is that a Witch, a Plane or a Drone?

14. Cokeheads 

15. Let’s iron out those surfing moves, shall we 

16. Saving soap is the need for the hour