Sponsored by Skype Lite

Think all superheroes are serious? Not this one! He is ‘Soopar man’, played by Jose (a.k.a. Hoezaay). What’s more, his arch nemesis is played by his best bud Cyril, who takes on the role of ‘Cyril The Villain’; as in, first name ‘Cyril’, middle name ‘The’ and last name ‘Villain’. 

Now, these two have constantly graced our Instagram and Twitter feeds with nothing but heavy doses of crazy, so one thing’s for sure; you never know what they’ll hit you with next. And when Skype Lite asked them to showcase the struggles of having low network connectivity in their unique style, the duo came up with an absolutely next-level sketch. 

The video shows a day in the life of a superhero who, apart from his usual superhero business, also has to deal with network issues, which, he was ultimately able to, with the help of Skype Lite.

So, will ‘Soopar Man’ be able to prevent ‘Cyril The Villain’ from blowing the world into smithereens? Well, there’s only one way to find out.