They say absence is conspicuous. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has proved just that! While he missed the Parliament’s budget session, media went abuzz with the possibilities of where he could be.

Let’s be honest here. It’s been a while since bizarre statements were made about “women empowerment” or “politics being in our pants,” and we so miss seeing him around! But where could he have gone? Could he be chilling in the Andamans or hitchhiking in Ladakh? Perhaps, he is in the hills learning to get high in life! Here are some lesser known places away from the crowd where he might just be:

1. He could be exploring Bhangarh, Rajasthan

The ruins of this fort are said to be haunted and consequently have attained an air of abandonment. Few people venture close to the fort itself, especially at night time, but it is a wonder to look at, plus it’s a good test of your guts and courage!

2. Or chilling in Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

This ghost town on Pamban Island is famous for it’s Ramayana connection. Two devastating cyclones reduced the town to what it is today – a shadow. And yet, it is one place that’ll haunt your memories. It has religious significance as the Ram Setu, which connected India and Sri Lanka earlier.

3. Or having fun at the Ross Island, Andaman

An earthquake in 1941 forced British colonialists to shift their Andaman headquarters, leaving the island to it’s own devices. It now functions as a pleasant tourist attraction for it’s ancient and mysterious insides, comprising of mossed over settlements and amazonian attractions.

4. He could be meditating in Vijayanagara, Karnataka

These ruins can boast of a world heritage site tag. It has an ancient background chalk full of interesting rulers and stories. It was the capital of the historic Vijayanagara empire and also the second most populous city in the world in 1500.

5. Or basking in some history at Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned in 1585 due to lack of water and has been a tourist attraction since. No surprise considering it was Emperor Akbar’s capital for a while and boasts of pristine architecture.

6. Rahul could also be at Chiktan, Ladakh

This castle in Kargil is like Dracula’s lair in real life. Located at the top of an isolated mountain, it juts out , looming eerily overhead and casting a shadow of abandon along the lower areas.

7. Or at the village of death in Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara is a famous ghost town who’s bizarre history still hasn’t been solved. The people of the town mysteriously disappeared collectively around 300 years ago and were never seen since. It now stands as a strange testament to the weirdness of our towns.

8. Rahul Baba could be in Shettihalli Church, Hassan District, Karnataka

This long lasting church built by French missionaries in the 1800s stands testament to the otherworldly beauty of abandoned places of worship. It withstands the flow and ebb of the Hemavathi river which routinely submerges it to no avail because it still stands strong.

9. Or probably in Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh runs as a huge course of cliffs and river. If you’re a fan of empty spaces and wide open areas, this is your paradise. Our very own Grand Canyon right in India, and it’s so khaali !

10. Or closer home, in hiding at the Sanjay Van, Delhi

This forested area in Delhi has a long history of creepy stories and is famous for it’s empty surroundings. Lose yourself in the bewildering charm of a green wonderland and thrill in the excitement of the scare.

11. Or Chambal Valley, Rajasthan-MP border

Chambal valley is another space similar to Gandikota, notorious for dacoit activity in the early years but more famous as a huge stretch of forest, mountain and cliffs now. Gaze into miles upon miles of nothingness in terms of human presence.

12. Or closer to nature at Kudremukh, Karnataka

This national forest around 5 hours from Bangalore has no options to stay in hotels. One must stay in the five guest houses available. Enjoy the unbelievable green surroundings as you soak in the morning mist.

13. Who says he can’t be at the Dzuokou Valley, Nagaland

About 5 hours from Kohima in Nagaland lies a natural heaven of sorts. Dzokou valley is a sprawling hillside where one can trek up, buoyed by the lilies and rhododendrons for leagues on end. A stunning and completed unpopulated locale.

14. Or even the Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Also known as Moon Valley, this part of Ladakh is made up of strangely lunar looking deserts and cratered land surfaces that look unreal in the night time. An absolute stunner of a place and totally empty to boot, perfect for your midnight delinquencies!

For all you know, while you sit here and wonder where Rahul Gandhi could be, he’s chilling at one of these spots!