Everyone reading this has a friend that owes them money. And most of us have no idea how to ask for that money back. 


But don’t worry. We have found a WikiHow page for exactly the same problem. Good god, this must be a pretty common problem all over the world. But in any case, here we go: 

So apparently, you have to somehow start the conversation about money first and repayment. 

Personal tip though: This is going to be more uncomfortable than the dinner after that time your dad caught you jerking off. 

The second step, according to the page is to remind them kindly and the third step is to be direct. 

Well, which one? This is highly confusing, to say the least. 


The fourth step, it says, is to not let the loan go unpaid for long or your chances of getting it back decrease manifold. 

Well, that’s a bit daft! If we could get it back right away, we wouldn’t be looking at a WikiHow page, would we?


If none of this works, you can always tell them what you need the money for. 

Well, appealing to their good heart might do the trick. I’ll give them that. 

Try saying something like, ‘I have to pay my property taxes next month, and I’m really depending on you repaying me to make that payment.’

But whatever you do, do not repeat the above quote verbatim. Nobody is going to fucking believe you. If you are owed money by desi relatives, saying property tax will somehow convince them to ask you for money. 

This article wants you to ask for some of the money that you are owed. Personally speaking, don’t ever do that because you’ll never get the rest of your money, ever. 

Also, do not follow the next step either and deduct money for services. Sure, they dropped you off at the airport someday but I’m sure you’ve done the same for them. Keep doing this shit and you ain’t ever seeing that cash again. 

Now, you can always take legal action and you must if you are all out of options and the sum is actually significant. Zomato ka order pay nahi karne pe police bulaoge to tum chutiye ho, wo nahi!

The same goes for online legal claims resources and gathering your documents. These are absolutely the worst-case scenarios. In India, you will end up spending more on legal recourse than the money you’re actually owed!


Where this article really takes the cake and eats it too is when it asks you to lend money wisely. 

Again, Captain Obvious! If we had already done that, we wouldn’t be here reading this article, would we? I mean, come on!

Miss Zeisty

It’s like the author of the article had to write 4 points but ran out of things to say by the 3rd but their editor made them write the extra point. So he just wrote whatever shit came to his head!


You can read the whole article here

Also, if you are lending to a friend, there is a real possibility that after you’re done with the transaction, you might not be friends anymore. So if you cherish that friendship, don’t lend them any serious money!