What’s the rookiest mistake you’ve made? Now, forget whatever you’re thinking because this is ten times worse. Imagine getting on a call with a person you don’t like only to end up dissing them without realizing you haven’t really cut the call yet; you had just thought you did. That is some real WTF moment! 

People say all kinds of weird stuff after a call is over. Redditors are discussing some of that really crazy stuff they’ve heard people say when they forgot to hang up the phone call. Warning: This may leave you in splits.

1. “Grandma left me a voicemail asking for my help with stuff on her computer. She thought she hung up but she didn’t and I hear her call me a ‘fucking bitch.’ Haven’t really talked to her since.”


2. “After a business convo: ‘I don’t trust those guys.'”


3. “My brother-in-law got a friendly reminder that the company can still hear him even when he puts the customer on hold. This was because he was taking a big bong rip while waiting on the customer.”


4. “Business conference call. The other side had asked some pretty stupid questions but was still poised to do >$1M worth of business with us. Thinking the call had ended, one guy in the room started calling them fucking idiots and talking about how what they were trying to do was never going to work, etc. They didn’t say anything else, but we all heard the sound of the other side disconnecting and they later reached out and said they were going to go in another direction.”


5. “I once said ‘shit, I’m hungry’ not realizing I didn’t hang up after helping a client troubleshoot an issue while working in a tech support. They replied ‘Ha! I’m hungry too!'”


6. “A coworker failed to hang up properly after a conversation with the boss and promptly went on a very creative expletive laden rant about the boss and what he should do with himself. As this went on, I received a text from the boss suggesting I should inform the coworker that she’d not hung up. I got coworker’s attention and told them they hadn’t hung up. Still in expletive mode I was asked what made me think that. My response was ‘I got a text from boss.’ First time ever I saw color literally drain from someone’s face.”


7. “A former colleague of mine said something in the line of ‘god I hate that mf’ after he hung up on our largest client. The problem is that he had not hung up. Not the worst I heard, but we lost our biggest client, our reputation, and in the end all our business. Some 25 people lost their jobs. Pro tip: don’t tie up 80% of your sales to one customer, also don’t tell that customer that you hate that m****fu***r.”


8. “I was FaceTiming my parents shortly after I started dating my now wife. I hadn’t dated anyone for a couple of years. So I mentioned we were dating on the call and they were happy for me. We ended it and I just put my phone down to grab something without ending the call. Apparently my mom did too because after a few seconds I heard her say ‘Well I’m glad he’s having sex now!’ Awkward but also I’m glad my mom is looking out for me!”


9. “I was working in a call center. So, I called a woman about the end of her thirties. We had the usual chat and she was readily replying to my questions, sometimes giggling, and doing conversation outside the topic at hand. She was in a room with her daughter. When we ended the chat, I thanked her for her time and said my goodbye. A few seconds after that, she apparently thought I had already hung up and said to her daughter ‘my goodness! He’s got the most pleasant voice.’ I was smiling beams for the rest of the day and did enjoy the work much more for the rest of the week.”


10. “Called a tech support number for a work related issue during Covid. The guy was clearly at home. I could hear a dog whining in the background. He got my error code straightened out, we both said bye. But before I could hang up my phone I heard who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy? I said quietly “I am” then just heard laughing and he said I am sooo sorry! then he hung up.”


11. “I worked in sales (inbound call) and had a pleasant conversation with a customer who politely declined the offer and told me she was going to look elsewhere. As soon as she thought she hung up, she slammed her phone down and starts yelling at her husband “fuck (company name) are you fucking shitting me right now? $350 a fucking year? I’m not paying that much for this goddamn piece of shit (product) how the fuck could that bitch pitch that with a straight fucking face?”


12. “Worked at a call center years ago and a customer was kind of panting & trying to sound normal at the same time. As soon as conversation ended they thought they hung up and they just went full on hardcore moaning and dirty talk with their partner and continued what they were doing before answering the phone. What boggles my mind is the fact that he answered the phone to begin with.”


13. “That 911 call where the guy says ‘I honestly don’t give a shit what happens to you.'”


14. “‘God he’s lovely, I wonder what his little dick is like?’ Friend of my mother under her breath. I had answered the phone and told her she wasn’t home. I was 13 at the time, she would have been late 40s.”


15. “‘Get that out of your brother’s butt right now!’ Heard while working tech support long ago. The woman had two young children at home who I could hear raising hell in the background during the call.”


16. “I once worked as a secretary in an office that, for some reason, got butt-dialed a lot. During one such occasion I got to listen in while some gentleman from New York absolutely roasted one of his employees. ‘Well what the fuck do you expect me to do?’ ‘Honestly, Tom, honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m fucking your sister, your ass would be out of here right now.'”


17. “My father called me an asshole on a voice message after thinking he had hung up. I still hear the entire message in my head, verbatim, almost every day. It didn’t bother me in the least. I thought it was hilarious, and still do to this day.”


Have you ever been in a situation like this? If so, what is the craziest thing you have heard?