Newspapers used to be boring. Because news was boring. Then they started letting crazy people write for them. So then, this happened.

I highly recommend you to read the whole clippings. But for the super lazy ones, I've highlighted the important stuff. Read and learn real journalism.

1. I can't believe he bragged about such 'Kutta Kaam' !

[Translation: Shameless drunkard rapes bitch]

2. Don't you just hate it when unknown people beat you up?

[Translation: Husband assaulted with a stick]

3. The mystery of the lost husbands

[Translation: Fed up with their wives, husbands turn to ascetism]

4. He must really love his father-in-law.

[Translation: Love is blind. Man flees with mother-in-law]

5. I thought they were just jokes.

[Translation: Sells kidney to buy iPhone/iPad]

6. "Hey! I thought it's for my dog house" - Tiger

[Translation: 'Tiger' carries 75 bricks everyday, for temple construction]

7. See what you've done, Whatsapp!

[Translation: Girl busy on the phone, falls into sewer]

8. Poetic justice

[Translation: He cheated on her, she beats him in public]

9. Love is in the air. Like literally.

[Translation: One look at his face, was the end of this Facebook affair]

10. Jee haan!

[Translation: Girlfriends calls during study time]

11. Marriages are made in heaven. Blame God.

[Translation: I don't marry, it just happens]

12. I feel for you, bro!

[Translation: Woman not satisfied even after 36 hours of sex, man calls cops]

13. Never ever break the dress code.

[Translation: 43 young girls arrested for begging in western clothes]

14. Proof that fried food is not good.

In other news, be wary of who you're adding on Facebook. It could well be your wife!

[Translation: Bride sends husband to buy samosa, runs away with lover ]

15. Astonishing! They had confirmed tickets!

[Translation: Sagar's team abandons match to catch train]

16. Good job, dragon fly. Vidya owes you one.

[Translation: Dragon fly saves Vidya from getting kissed by Tussar]

17. " Sanskaari hai ye keeda!"

[Translation: Lovers get bitten by insect while making out]

18. Yeah. 12 is about fine.

[Translation: Price asks for a dozen husbands]

19. You can't fool Punjab Kesari , Ms. Bieber!

[Translation: Bieber was spotted kissing someone in HER car]

20. Valid theory. Way to go, Police!

[Translation: Conspiracy suspected behind hullabaloo]

21. Black eye. Blue lips. Broken ribs.

[Translation: Popular star Honey Singh beaten at Palwal]

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