A lot has changed with time. Unfortunately, not all of it has been good!

So far, 2017 has given us a lot and all we can do is sit with our hands on our heads and question the Almighty. After all, this is the year that made Dhinchak Pooja (in)famous! 

While change is the only constant, the question is, do we really need a change that brings in one WTF thing after another? Just rewind a few years, to 2007 for instance, and you’d realise just how far we have come. 

If a person from 2007 asked you, “what’s up?”, here’s a list of 13 things to help them understand just how bizarre the world has become!  

Let’s take a moment of silence, shall we?

1. Dhinchak Pooja

This girl is single-handedly responsible for the calamity that is 2017. Thanks to her ‘music’, of course!


2. Fidget spinners 

Exactly what does this do? 


3. Pouting selfies 

If you often fail to recognize people from their pouting selfies, you’re not the one at fault. 


4. Aachari condom

Yes, there is such a thing! 

5. Tulsi Virani as a Central Minister

Kyunki saas ab minister ban chuki hain! 


6. Cows getting maximum importance in the country

You can be a woman and still be unsafe but if you’re a cow, many will come to your rescue. 


7. Compulsory National Anthem in movie theatres

Because patriotism is best served forced! 


8. Shoulder pads back in fashion

Like, seriously!

The Dolls Factory

9. Donald Trump as the US President

A joke taken way too seriously. 


10. Memes

These are all over the place! 


11. Tinder

Swipe right for love, lust and whatever else you desire. 


12. Salman Khan STILL a virgin.

Bas isi baat ki kami thi. Thank you, Bhai!


Wonder what will happen in the next 10 years!