As age creeps up on me, I find myself reminiscing the good ol’ days of my teenage self. The days when life was all about being carefree and having fun with friends. Sigh… on most days, I just snap out of it thinking that my mind’s playing tricks on me. But on some days, I feel that had I been a teenager right now, life would have been much more awesome! Especially, when any of these things happen:

1. When I hear that a 16-year old kid is a CEO and think that all I was good at back then was THIS.

2. When I see one of my cousins confidently convincing his parents that he wants to be a… Game Tester!? I mean seriously?

3. Back in the day had I said something even remotely close to gaming, my dad would have been like…

4. When my younger sister gets a, wait for it… an iPhone 6 for passing her board exams!

5. When I see them doing what they want to do, without really wrapping their head around something that others want them to do.

6. When I realize that the pocket money teens get these days is way, way more than what the first salary I got.

7. When every third kid I meet shows me his or her’s “work in progress” MOBILE APP!

8. When I see them rocking awesome adidas neo outfits, hinting at me that, “Hey uncle, I’m way cooler than you will ever be!”

And for that, all they have to do is go on to Myntra and order a cart full of fashionable clothes!

9. When I realize that they won’t ever have to spend hours in the library because of THIS GUY:

10. Because they don’t have to listen to a mother-freaking dial-up modem while browsing!

11. No ruler smacks. No knuckle-breaking blows. This is the maximum punishment they will ever get.

12. Because, thankfully, they don’t have to face this guy every time they get down to work.

Phew… Can somebody please get me a time machine or something?

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