I was going to introduce you to these memes. But I forgot what I wanted to say.

1. When I forget my charger. Again.

2. I'll get back to you. Never.

3. A moment of silence for all those burnt toasts I sacrificed to my toaster.

4. Note to self: Don't rely on your shitty memory. Right it down.

5. My brain is so blank I could meditate right now.

6. Me: Where does all the money go? Inner me: Overdue bill penalties.

7. If I got a penny for every name I forgot...

8. Life is one big list of to-do lists.

9. When my scumbag brain won't remember important information but will remember the entire chorus and all verses to Hookah Bar.

10. Another pair of earphones sacrificed to the Uber Gods.

11. Can't. Remember. Names.

12. Early Alzheimer's. Here I come.

13. I would like to thank my phone, my post-it notes, and my BFF for helping me remember regular tasks.

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal