Disclaimer: This is based on the author's own experience. Please test your skin for sensitivity before trying any beauty product.

Note: This post has graphic images of peeling dead skin. Not for the faint-hearted. You've been warned.

Ever since I started looking after my skin like a somewhat responsible adult, my feet always got the raw deal and has been gradually withering due to the lack of attention. 

My face has always been my pet project. And in the bargain, my feet have ended up becoming the stepchild of my skin-care routine.

Soon enough my negligence began to show in the form of my unsightly calloused heels on the verge of cracking.

Before this vanity issue became a legit health concern, I needed to find a solution. And pedicures simply won’t cut it. I’ve learnt the expensive way.

After a few dedicated hours of browsing, I found what looked like the perfect solution — Korean foot peels.

The peel is supposed to get rid of the top layer of your skin, eroding all your dead skin in the process. So, you’re basically supposed to use this miracle solution and over the course of about two weeks. Expect your granny feet to magically transform into baby feet.

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While this was motivation enough, the black hole of the internet praising this miracle product further tempted me. And now I simply HAD to try it.

Click. Bought. And now we wait for it to arrive.

Day 1:

After receiving the product I finally set aside a few hours on a Sunday for step one of what was going to be a long process. Now, the box contains two polythene-like plastic socks, sachets of the solution, and a succinctly explained instruction back panel.

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Once you’re done with being fascinated by the product, it’s time to wear the socks, fill it with the solution, and securely seal it to avoid spillage. 

And then comes the hardest part. Once it’s on, you have to keep it on for about an hour and a half.

During this downtime, you will feel like the most useless thing on earth. So I suggest you watch some Netflix or take a nap. I did the latter. 

Also, pee before you put these on. I learnt this the hard way.

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This is a representational image since I was napping while I did this and did not think I would be writing about my experience. But I swear it looked the same.

Once the time was up, my feet felt wrinkly — like they’d been in a bathtub for a long, long time. A single rinse and about 10 minutes later, they were back to normal as if the last two hours never happened.

Day 2, 3, and 4:

The only change I’m feeling are the coins jingling in my wallet. Other than that same old me and same old feet.

I’ve been obsessively staring at my feet for something crazy to happen. But nada. Maybe I got caught up in this elaborate con. Or my feet are just late bloomers, I’m hoping.

Day 5:

By now, I had forgotten about the transition my feet are supposed to go through. I had a busy day at work, so I didn’t really have the time to think about it anyway.

When I was back home, however, I finally saw it! A tiny piece of dead skin had detached itself and run away from my feet leaving me overjoyed. It works! At least it has begun to work.

So today I sleep soundly, relieved that my Rs. 650 did not go to waste.

At this point, I decided that this experience needs to be documented.

Day 6:

The peeling continues.

And oh man! Is it satisfying!

Day 7:

The instructions clearly mention that you are NOT supposed to pick on it AT ALL. 

Let it happen on its own. And for someone who is massively into instant gratification, it’s agonising to suppress the urge to physically pull your skin off.

Until now, I had proudly assumed that I was pretty dead inside. But after this experience, it’s clear that I’m pretty dead on the outside.

I’ve been having a field day at the office traumatising my colleagues with my now grotesque feet. 

Their mortified faces are all the proof I need about the efficiency of this pedicure ka baap.

Day 8:

The urge to peel this all off is crippling. But I have found a workaround.

If you have cosmetic scissors lying around you can simply cut the loose hanging skin. Thereafter, just stare at your absurd accomplishment and feel weirdly good about yourself.

While it looks like the ugliest thing in the world, if you touch the parts of your feet bereft of dead skin, you will notice a drastic change. That soft feels though!

Day 9-12:

My feet are still peeling the night away. Little by little. Every day.

During this time of heavy peeling, sneakers and socks are your best friends. If you intend to remain friends with all the people in your life, that is.

Day 13-16:

After my soles are almost completely free of dead skin, it is now time for the top of my foot to enter shedding season.

While that looks pretty unsightly in itself, my ankles look like a Pantone shade card.

The transition of my ankles are making me super stoked about the effectiveness of the product in removing years of tan.

Day 17:

Today, it seems like my heels, sole, toes, ankles, and my whole feet overall are finally done shedding.

And oh my God! Do I feel pretty down there. Down as in my feet, pervs.

This mission was definitely a success!

After a few days of getting grossed, one eventually gets used to it. Before you know it you’ll be revelling in your ultra soft baby skin under your feet.

My overall experience with this product has been totally positive. And if you can get past the initial yucky-ness you should definitely try it for yourself.