Disclaimer: This is based on the author's own experience. Please test your skin for sensitivity before trying any beauty product.

Like every beauty trend that comes and makes its presence felt, the peel-off beauty mask is pretty much here to stay. And while it has been around for a while, 2018 totally made peel-off masks its own by adding a generous amount of glitter into it.

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The Internet has been brimming with glitter peel-off success stories and fails. And after monitoring the market and diving into the endless black hole of YouTube beauty tutorials, I finally decided to try it for myself.

Being a sucker for beauty trends and a bit of a toddler at heart, glitter masks were pretty much calling out to me. It was only a matter of time before the glitter goo makes it to my face. 

I am a bit of a stickler for quality, especially if something has to go on my face. So my natural choice was the luxury brand GlamGlow — which has pretty much made glitter masks their thing. It is a bit pricey, but I’m admittedly pretty blind-sided when it comes to extravagant skincare.

Trying it on

After finally getting my hands on it, it’s time to unbox, apply, and peel away.

First impressions: It feels like a frikkin’ circus even before I remove the lid. The box literally has unicorn-ponies all over it! There’s a pink spatula, the pot of glitter mud, and pony stickers for a nice little touch.

Unicorn-pony stickers!

My inner toddler is instantly gratified and rewarding brownie points for this cuteness.

I now get to opening the bottle seal. And OMG! It’s a party in there!

The night sky, galaxy, and black glitter slime were just a few things this absolutely fabulous pot of face goo were reminding me of.

At this point, my sleep-deprived long-post-puberty face is begging to get an invitation to this discotheque in a jar.

And so I plunge into the depths of GlamGlow Gravity Mud Glitter Mask. And I notice the alliteration there. More brownie points from my writer self.

First of, it smells like the most delicious pineapple vodka cocktail you’ll ever have. And the first dip with the spatula feels like the government office gum (the one in blue bottles) married a box of assorted glitter and lived happily ever after in a pretty plastic tub.

I start applying it. And dear lord, it’s the most fabulous non-makeup thing I’ve ever put on my face!

The instructions say apply evenly with the applicator. So a few careful strokes later this is what my face looks like.

A few minutes in and it feels tingly. I was concerned about the glitter causing nicks on my face but nothing of that sort has happened. It has all uniformly spread and there’s now an insane amount of stars, sparkle dust, and goop on my face. It’s best to lie down after you apply it all, so it evenly spreads and doesn’t gravitate towards your chin.

Now the hardest part is yet to come. The wait!

Regular peel-off masks usually take about an average of 15 minutes to set in. This one, however, is far from a regular mask. The box says 30-45 minutes and you can extend the agonising wait if it doesn’t dry completely.

30 minutes in and I’m still not confident about it being fully dry. However, I can feel a slight tightening sensation in the places where it is completely dry.

To be on the safer side I kept it on for close to an hour and I finally began to feel it peeling at the edges when I contorted my face.

Con - The agonisingly long wait.

Pro - Finished 2 episodes of Modern Family while waiting.

I finally start doing what I was waiting for all along.

Peeling the heck out of this!

And holy shit! It is as smooth as it gets. I started from the bottom working my way to the top and not once has this mask torn.

I don’t know about the results yet, but this flawless peel-off alone has me super impressed!

A few seconds of peeling later this is what I ended up with.

It’s literally the shape of my face. I was constantly wondering what the glitter is for and now I truly believe it’s to impress the fuck out of anyone who’s just peeled this flawless sheet of dried up goop.

I don’t really look like a changed person post the use of the mask. But I can surely feel a difference.

My skin feels supple and rolling my fingers on it feels frikkin’ amazing!

There is a noticeable difference in my pores and I do feel a slight dewy glow which was promised.

While the product is on the pricier side, it definitely is worth a try. One application and I already feel like the glitter gods have graced me with their blessings. If I incorporate this into my beauty regime, then flawless face, here I come.

The only con is the really long wait time. But if you’re all about the sparkle and want to restore that dewy glow, this is your go-to product.

NO makeup and I'm still secure enough to post a picture. I love this product!