Whenever I have got a phone for a review, it has stayed with me for a week, tops. And while I'd manage to go through pretty much everything that a phone has to offer, there still would be a sense of FOMO. I'd feel that I would never really have a sense of how the phone functions in the longer run, which is kind of the whole point! 

So, when I got the Honor 9 Lite, three months ago, I decided to hold on to the phone for as long as I can - and I did! Let's see how that turned out to be.

But before that.


And now, coming to the highlights...

The Camera

The Honor 9 Lite boasts of an Advanced Quad Lens camera, which means that it has dual lenses on both sides. The front has a 13+2 MP camera with Beauty and Bokeh mode. You can also click Panorama selfies that should fit double the people and easily make you the designated party-selfie-taker. To demonstrate...

...ye hai akele wali selfie. 

Source: b'Trying to hide my sorrows like.\xc2\xa0#Honorgraphy #ShotOnHonor9Lite'

...ye hai doston ke saath waali Panorama selfie.

Source: b"Ye bhi mera dost nahi, photographer hai. Koi dost ban jao yaar! :')\xc2\xa0#Honorgraphy #ShotOnHonor9Lite"

The front camera doesn't fail to impress either. It has a 13+2 MP rendition with PDAF Fast Focus that helps in focusing on images almost instantly. So, I tried decking up my Instagram feed a bit with.. 

...ye still waali.

...aur ye video waali. #NoFilter by the way! 


While most of the phones in this price range are barely switching to metal bodies, Honor jumped the gun with the 9 Lite's both-side-glass-design (don't count on me for the terminology, I made it up) takes the idea of premium to a whole new level. 

Source: b'My creativity in terms of beauty shots had given up by now. So, I sourced images from Honor. No sweat!\xc2\xa0'

Along with the amazing visual appeal, the 9 Lite is equally easy to hold with one hand, without it falling on the face. Falling se yaad aaya, since it's glass from both the sides, you might want to hold it a little carefully. 


The Honor 9 Lite comes with 5.6 inches IPS LCD display that has a resolution of 2160X 1080PX. which makes the video viewing experience pretty great. 

User Interface and Experience

Talking about performance, the Honor 9 Lite is powered by Hisilicon Kirin 659 chip set and comes with 3/4 GB RAM options that offer 32/64 GB storage capacity, respectively. Which means - multitasking throughout the three months has been smooth overall. It also has this multitasking feature where you can read an article while watching a YouTube video, considering you're amazingly good at multitasking like a pro. 

Its 3000 mAH battery allows the device to run throughout the day and easily give 5-6 hours of screen-on time. I noticed a little difference between day 1 and 90, which is pretty great since I used the phone A LOT! 

The Verdict:

So, I had the phone for almost three months and it has performed just like a good smartphone should. It takes good pictures and has an absolutely stunning exterior. The fact that it comes at a really competitive price of 10,999 INR, the phone is no less than a bang for your buck. 

If you're a college going student who spends most of their days either on the Internet watching videos or going out with friends, the 9 Lite should easily serve the purpose.