The job of an actor is to take on a character and make us believe that's who they are. 

But this could get tiring, right? Try being someone else for a day and you'd know how bloody exhausting that is. Just because SRK is the king of romance on screen, does not mean that he would stroll the gardens of his house with colourful sweaters on his back. Similarly, you wouldn't (shouldn't) expect Akshay Kumar to jump from one building to another because he's the Khiladi of Bollywood!

But what if these actors were to genuinely play their real selves on screen? Things would've been so different and frankly, their movies would've been even bigger hits. 

Before your imagination takes flight, here's the product of our imagination going out-of-bounds. If Bollywood actors played themselves on-screen, this is how it'd be:

Yes, this is how we entertain ourselves because we got no lives!

Designs by Disha Bhanot